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Walk It Out!

Walk It Out! is a low impact rhythm-based fitness game, in which the player walks to the beat of a wide range of songs from various genres. The game actually has over 120 musical tracks that can be unlocked as you play through the game. Walk It Out! has a very easy-to-use control scheme and is compatible with the DDR Wii Dance Pad, Wii Balance Board or it can be played with just the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

While you are stepping, you are also exploring the in-game world, where you walk past a beach, city parks and many other venues. The whole while, players are reinforced in their efforts as the game tracks progress with an audio commentary and visuals that show calories burned, distance traveled and steps taken. For each step taken in correct beat with a song, the player earns a point, these points can then be used to buy street lights, plants, benches, etc., for the walking paths, or to open up new routes.

In addition to the main exploration game, which two players can play cooperatively, Walk It Out! also contains mini-games and puzzles to offer additional modes of gameplay. Some of the fun and exciting games include: 
Whack-a-Slack, Psycolo and
Smash ‘n’ Run, all of which are mini games that use the game’s music library and provide an additional opportunity to get in more steps in a fun and challenging way.

Each controller option is a little different. When playing on the balance board, the game says not to lift your feet off of the board. This isn’t as “aerobic” as the other controller options, but it does workout your calves because you basically move your character through calve raises. You still have to hold a Wiimote controller in your hand to be able to click on events to explore and build the island.

With the dance pad you are not limited to just walking in place. You can step on any of the active squares of the dance pad, which allows you to move around a little more. You can also lift your feet completely off the floor and march in place, and can even “jog” in place to the faster paced songs. This can be a little awkward though because in order to step on the active squares in a walking pace, you have to spread you legs farther apart than you normally would when walking. You still have to hold a Wiimote controller in your hand to be able to click on events to explore and build the island.

With the controller and nunchuck option you can put the nunchuck in your pocket or in a thigh band. This allows you to be able to jog in place for the faster songs and march in place for the slower songs. You can even combine this option with your treadmill or mini trampoline. You still have to hold a Wiimote controller in your hand to be able to click on events to explore and build the island.

A cool feature about this game is that two players can play cooperatively and can choose to play with different controller options.

The game has many unlockable routes and songs so it isn’t something that you can complete or get through in a couple of days so it has the potential to keep you interested and motivated to keep playing. It is also an easy way to keep you totally engaged and help you add on extra steps to your day. The game is simple enough and low impact that senior citizens, people with limited mobility, as well as adults and children can benefit from it.

The only drawback the game has is that it does not come with detailed instructions, so getting started can be a little confusing. It’s best to just to start playing and figure things out as you walk a long.

The ESRB rating for the game is “Everyone 10+” with two content descriptors. The first is “Comic Mischief” and the second descriptor is “Mild Lyrics”.

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