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PlayStation 2 basics: Older platform still great option for active gaming

PS2-e1301764671229The Playstation 2 or PS2 is an older gaming console that remains a major player in the videogame arena mainly because of its affordability and many types of games. Plus, there are several exergames available for the PlayStation 2 so if you happen to have a PS2 already, look into getting some of these games to get your family up off the couch and moving.



Equipment recommendations for PS2

Memory Card

Memory-e1301764920911A PS2 memory card is not included when you buy the PlayStation 2 console. It is vital to save game data, levels, high scores, or custom controller settings.


Additional Controllers

PS2-e1301764671229If you purchase an additional PlayStation 2 controller you can play with a friend. Most games support at least two players, and the PS2 consoles have two controller ports. If you want to make use of the multiplayer capabilities of many games (allowing four or more players), you need to purchase the “PS2 Multitap Adapter” which allows up to four players to play at the same time.

EyeToy-e1301764837302PlayStation 2 Eye Toy

This can be used with any PlayStation 2 Eye Toy game. This device superimposes video game graphics onto a player’s image and translates his or her movements into controlling elements of the game. Until newer generation game controllers such as the Wiimote and Move, the Eye Toy was one of the best improvements to video games controls since the joystick.

PS2 Dance Pad Non-Slip

DDRMat-e1301764652770This inexpensive, Dance Dance Revolution, PlayStation2 non-slip dance pad, is equipped with eight fully functional arrows and non-slip grip bottom for better stability. The Dance Dance Revolution PlayStation non-slip dance pad is suitable for all groups and is built with durable plastic material, arcade sized sensors and sensitive buttons. It is designed for light and moderate usage. You will want two of these pads to get a little competitive dancing going on.



Recommended PS2 Games


Eye Toy: PLAY


Move your body to be a Kung Fu Superstar, Dancing Diva, or even a Window Washing Maniac! Must have game for the Eye Toy.


Eye Toy: Operation Spy

Spy-e1301764940805The Strategic Intelligence Agency has recruited you as their top-secret spy. Your mission: capture a network of master criminals. Enter the daring world of covert operations with EyeToy: Operation Spy! Master the art of espionage as the EyeToy USB Camera (for PlayStation 2) puts you on the TV and gives your body movement full control over the action. With this high-tech gear, you can be the ultimate spy!

Eye Toy Groove

EyeToyGroove-e1301764856913Eye Toy: Groove is an interactive dance game that doesn’t require a dance pad! Move your body in time to the music and see who can get the highest score.


Eye Toy Kinetic

Kinetic-e1301764896486Get in shape with an engaging and challenging workout all in the comfort of your own home. EyeToy: Kinetic, exclusive to the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, is a unique and innovative fitness product that acts as an in-home personal trainer to create authentic customized exercise routines with real-time performance evaluations for more effective workouts.

DanceDanceRevolution Extreme

DDRExtreme-e1301764634900Dance Dance Revolution Extreme brings the classic dancing action to a new and higher level. It’s the first game to have EyeToy Camera support in the U.S., now you can be IN the game, instead of just playing it!


Dance Dance Revolution X

DDRX-e1301764822291The hottest revolution and bestselling video game in the music game category explodes onto the dance floor with Dance Dance Revolution X. Dance Dance Revolution X delivers fun interactive gameplay, incredible song selection, and innovative new game modes.

Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance

HSMusical-e1301764884433Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE lets you experience the energy, the fun, and the music from all three High School Musical movies. You get to dance as your favorite high school musical character or you can create and customize you own unique Wildcat character. It is a great game to play with friends, compete in dance-offs or even dance as a duo. The gameplay is a little different than the traditional Dance Dance Revolution, but can be much simpler to pick up on for younger players.

Yourself! Fitness

YourselfFitness-e1301764952431Yourself! Fitness is the first game to combine home health and fitness with the power of your PS2. Meet Maya, your interactive Personal trainer, she’ll help you build a personalized fitness Program. She’ll also keep you motivated and deliver the results you’ve always wanted.

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