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The Eat & Move-O-Matic App is a great way to explore energy balance.

Xavix Recommendations

With the XaviX you can enjoy a fun and active workout by yourself or with friends and family.

XaviX Recommendations

Xavix-e1308858678692The XaviX is a gaming system that was released in the US in 2004. It is an interactive system that uses sports equipment shaped controllers for each game (for example, tennis rackets, boxing gloves, etc.). Every game played on the Xavix enables you to become part of the action, as the gameplay responds to your physical movements. The XaviXPORT system can provide a fun and interactive way for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. XaviXPORT System encourages social interaction and family togetherness, promotes health and fitness and has many gender-neutral applications. Also, no need to worry about sedentary gameplay with this console—only active/exergames can be played on the Xavix. The Xavix is available for purchase at

XaviX Powerboxing

XavixBoxing-e1308858664644What better way is there to increase your cardiovascular system and tone your arms and back? Jackie Chan and XaviX have teamed up to bring you and your family interactive boxing experiences that combines several key exercises with in-the-ring action. It comes with a game cartridge that slips into the XaviXPORT Sytem and soft, flexible boxing gloves that contain optical sensors that detect the swing and direction of your powerful punches. The game features three modes of play:

  • championship, where you can jump straight into a match or train first to
  • become better prepared to challenge for the title;
  • exhibition, where you can challenge one of the opponents you’ve beaten in the championship mode; and
  • exercise where you concentrate on your cardiovascular, core, hand/eye coordination, hand speed and tone your body.

XaviX J-Mat

XavixJmat-e1308858637455The Jackie Chan J-Mat is a DanceDanceRevolution-inspired device you spread out on the floor in front of your TV. It comes with the game cartridge, the dance pad, and two-pound hand weights for added resistance. The game offers an aerobic workout with Jackie Chan as your personal instructor with three levels of difficulty. In the Jackie’s Action Run, you will become Jackie Chan and travel through the streets of Hong Kong in a five-minute workout, which includes walking, running, jumping, squats and side steps. There are three intensity levels to choose from. The dash and reflex modes of the game are designed to test and improve your agility and reaction time. Overall the game offers challenge and variety. The J-MAT is made of durable and flexible materials that have been engineered to withstand the test of time and repeated use. The System tracks your overall performance, calorie burn, total numbers of steps and exercise time.

XaviX Music and Circuit

XavixMusic-e1308858622233XaviX Music and Circuit allows you to connect your portable music player, CD player or compact audio system to the “XaviXPORT” so you can workout to the music of your choice. XaviX Music & Circuit has a system cartridge that uses a music import system to convert music from your digital music player to rhythmic programs on your TV. You use the J-Mat along with it to walk, run, dance, or perform fun aerobics and strength training by following the on-screen instructions.

XaviX Tennis

XavixTennis-e1308858603675XaviXTennis allows players to experience the thrill of a tennis match right in the comfort of their living room. It comes with the game cartridge and two wireless tennis racket-shaped controllers, which include wrist straps for safety.

The game has several features and modes.

  • tournament tour you can select your player from eight different characters with different skills including serving, volleying and controlling shots.
  • exhibition you can choose your XaviX opponent or have a tennis match with a friend.

There are also four different courts to choose from.

The game also features several training games designed to help you improve your tennis skills. There are four modes in this section:

  • serving aces
  • target challenge
  • serve finish
  • rally time

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