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BitGym aims to bring motion-sensing and exercise games to mobile devices

BitGym, a San Francisco startup company, aims to bring motion-sensing and exercise games to mobile devices, by releasing a software development kit that will allow developers to create third-party, motion-controlled games for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. According to this article, featured online on GamesBeat, the BitGym co-founder, Alex Gourley, feels the future of motion […]

Social gaming with SoFit

SoFit is a new social gaming application that lets you get fit, stay fit and earn rewards that matter. The free App is available on Apple and Android mobile devices. SoFit’s mission is to revolutionize the future of fitness by giving people the motivation to stay active through social connections, rewards and charitable donations. Through GPS […]

Nintendo announces Wii U release date

Today Nintendo announced the official release date for its new console,the Wii U. The Nintendo Wii U will officially begin the eighth generation of console gaming on Sunday, Nov. 18 in the United States and Nov. 30 in Europe.  There will be two different Wii U package editions available for purchase. The Basic edition which […]

Physical therapists turn to the Wii

The Nintendo Wii has become a tool in physical, occupational and neurological rehabilitation, specifically the Wii Sports games. Balance and movement are common concerns for those recovering from brain injuries or strokes and Wii Sports games can bring an element of pleasure into physical therapy while patients work on balance and movement issues. If an […]

September is childhood obesity awareness month

In the past four decades, obesity rates in the United States have soared among all age groups. This rise in obesity rates has affected youth in alarming fashion. There are opportunities every day to change these trends.  In the month of September, there is an extraordinary opportunity to build awareness and take action. September marks […]

Use the Xbox Kinect in education

Have you been wanting to use the Xbox Kinect in your physical education or general education classroom, but are not sure exactly how to integrate it? Visit the Microsoft in education page which features more than 200 ready-to-go activity plans, which are available to help you bring Kinect to the classroom, physical education and after-school programs. […]

Using exergames at home

As part of a research grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, the Exergames Unlocked team has ongoing research on the impact and implementation of exergames with different audiences. The team has employed an action research model in which it has awarded mini-grants of games and equipment to a wide variety programs, including schools, […]

Videogame exercise can help overweight and obese teenagers lose weight

The Georgetown University News reported online how videogame exercise can help overweight and obese teenagers lose weight. Drs. Amanda Staiano, Sandra Calvert and Anisha Abraham have published the first study demonstrating weight loss from video games that require physical activity. Their study is published online in the journal Obesity. With a research grant supported by […]

Have fun with FigureRunning

With FigureRunning app, you can create art while running. The app, complete with GPS navigation, the world is your canvas and you are the pencil. FigureRunning allows you to draw while you run and discover new places while getting fit! The competition is not about your running speed or your distance–it’s all about the drawing. With […]

Using exergames in the classroom

As part of a research grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, the Exergames Unlocked team has ongoing research on the impact  and implementation of exergames with different audiences. A central focus of the Exergames Unlocked project was to identify and document what worked and what didn’t in a variety of settings, investigating how […]

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The Exergames Unlocked project includes a multi-state team of accomplished media education researchers, exercise physiologists, medical professionals and doctoral students. Contributing members are researchers in their fields and have helped launch the use of exergames as tools to combat obesity in their communities and beyond. New Mexico State University researchers and their partners have been funded to research the impact of exergames, develop specific recommendations for exergame use, and implement exergaming programs. As part of that project, this website provides access to resources based on research, sample projects, and input from the exergaming community. For more information, contact the project director: Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, Professor, New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service
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Why Exergames Unlocked?

Why Exergames Unlocked? Exergames are videogames that encourage physical activity. Here, you’ll find the best and most effective exergames, as well as strategies and recommendations on using them with different audiences and in different locations.