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Using exergames in physical education

Because exergames can be an enjoyable and effective part of daily physical activity, they have a place in physical education for youth. However, exergames should not be used as a substitute for a PE program, but they can be used to supplement teaching and equipment. Physical education adds physical activity to the school day and […]

Active games have potential to provide engaging activity

Many things pose significant health threats in the United States including: rising obesity rates, obesity-related diseases, and increased sedentary lifestyles. Among children 2-19, more than one third are considered overweight or obese (Ogden, Carroll, & Flegal, 2008). Some experts believe sedentary lifestyles and poor diets are the main contributing factors to this epidemic (Sothern, 2004). […]

Exergames can lead to more exercise

The past couple of years, there has been much debate over the effectiveness of exergames. Wei Peng, an associate professor of telecommunication, information studies and media, out of Michigan State University did a systematic review of 41 articles on exergames and concluded that most active video games provide only “light-to-moderate” intensity physical activity. So what […]

Exergaming benefits

There are a number of benefits to exergames, which combine video games and exercise. Positive Gaming has a great article in their site breaking down some of the reasons that individuals play exergames and some of the health benefits. Research into the benefits on exergames and health is still relatively new, however, many studies have […]

Nintendo Wii Fit helping cancer patients

The Nintendo Wii Fit is being used to address cancer-related fatigue. Amy Hoffman, a researcher from Michigan State University’s College of Nursing is aiming to help lung cancer patients reduce fatigue and get more exercise as they transition from the hospital to the home after surgery using the Nintendo Wii Fit. The rehabilitation program created […]

Year in exergames: Research review

From the 2012 Games for Health Conference in Boston, Barbara Chamberlin and Michelle Garza share a review of exergaming-related literature from the past year.

Pre-order Just Dance 4 now

Just Dance, which has become a huge franchise for Ubisoft, will be releasing yet another sequel, Just Dance 4, for the Wii, the PS3 and the Kinect October 9. A version should also be available for the new Wii U around the time it launches. The game will have new features, which include a Battle […]

Dance Central 3: Coming soon to a Kinect near you

Dance games will continue to be popular this year. The #1-selling dance franchise for Kinect, Dance Central, will release its 3rd title toward the end of the year. It will have a soundtrack featuring 40+ new tracks, from the disco grooves of the 70’s to current chart-topping dance hits plus any downloads from the first […]

On the horizon are personal training games for Kinect

Looks like both Nike and Adidas will be coming out with a personal training system that use the Kinect. The Nike+ Kinect Training claims whatever your level, whatever your goal, with you can now experience personal training, at home. The Nike Trainer shows you your progress; every four weeks, it will assess your strength, endurance […]

Nintendo Wii could become a bike trainer

According to this article on BikeRadar, Dr. Werner Schoeman, an avid cyclist, is envisioning a way to incorporate the Wii’s motion sensing technology with an exercise bike. He believes that this market offers untapped potential for the cycling game genre, especially when it comes to providing a practical hardware interface that is accessible and affordable […]

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The Exergames Unlocked project includes a multi-state team of accomplished media education researchers, exercise physiologists, medical professionals and doctoral students. Contributing members are researchers in their fields and have helped launch the use of exergames as tools to combat obesity in their communities and beyond. New Mexico State University researchers and their partners have been funded to research the impact of exergames, develop specific recommendations for exergame use, and implement exergaming programs. As part of that project, this website provides access to resources based on research, sample projects, and input from the exergaming community. For more information, contact the project director: Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, Professor, New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service
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Why Exergames Unlocked? Exergames are videogames that encourage physical activity. Here, you’ll find the best and most effective exergames, as well as strategies and recommendations on using them with different audiences and in different locations.