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Improve spelling test performance with exergaming

It’s midafternoon in the third grade, time for a spelling test. You might picture fidgety, drowsy children confined to chairs. Not so in Lori Switzer’s classroom in southern New Mexico. Instead, students jump to their feet, ready to dance and laugh with Nintendo Wii’s Just Dance game. At two Southern New Mexico elementary schools, standing […]

Cooperation versus competition

Exergames can offer players healthy competition while also facilitating greater social interaction and cooperation, and playing together can even motivate people to move more than if they were playing alone (1). There are many ways to play exergames, including by yourself, competing against another player to earn the most points, or cooperating with another player […]

Do active games burn calories?

Do active games really burn calories? According to Wei Peng and researchers from Michigan State University, who conducted a meta-analysis of past research to determine whether there is any benefit to active video game play, they can. Peng and his researchers examined 18 studies and found: people who played active video games had a higher […]

Exergaming and autism

Studies have shown that playing video games can help develop social and spatial ability skills in patients with severe learning disabilities or other developmental prognoses, including autism and impulsive or attention deficit disorders (Durkin, 2010).  Physical exercise has been shown to decrease repetitive behaviors in autistic children and improve cognitive function across the life-span. So, […]

Exergames Olympics breathes new life into family program

Connecticut Exergames Olympics

By Michelle Garza   Parents are involved as never before in one 4-H afterschool program in New Haven, Connecticut, after leaders incorporated exergaming into their family nights. For several years, the program, directed by Wanda Hamilton, 4-H urban program coordinator in the Department of Extension at the University of Connecticut, has used exergames regularly in […]

Exergaming: Conlee Elementary students, staff get active with Wii

Celsa Madrid first learned about exergaming possibilities though participation in an “Adult Think Tank” program at New Mexico State University’s Learning Games Lab, and later became directly involved in an exergaming project with NMSU. To incorporate exergames into the school Conlee Elementary staff conduct a “Just Dance” morning exercise program that is a segment on […]

The fitness revolution: A video game makes gym class fun again

This article discusses how teacher Helge Ziazie used a grant from the Governor’s Challenge to purchase Dance Dance Revolution equipment, free weights, an outdoor climbing wall and stationary bicycles that connect to PlayStation consoles for Marvin Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles. She uses the equipment with students in gym class and also opens the […]

Let’s get physical … with video games

This article in the Modesto Bee, by Tony Hicks, talks about exergaming and discusses the American Academy of Pediatrics statement that playing video games can be considered exercise, especially in the case of Wii Sports and Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution, in which users perform the same actions they want their virtual counterparts to perform. It […]

Opinion: Why videogames need exercise ratings

In this article in Wired, the author, Paul Ballas, talks about why videogames need exercise ratings. He suggests that the world of gaming has changed in a fundamental way now that every major gaming console is moving toward motion-control technology and discusses how videogames might be able to legitimately combat childhood obesity in a way […]

La Union Elementary dances it out with Just Dance

Michelle Garza Staff members at La Union Elementary have figured out a way to reach their entire school with only one Nintendo Wii, one screen and one room. The school in southern New Mexico has been using Just Dance as their beginning morning activity each day to give students extra physical activity. Staff members initially got […]

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The Exergames Unlocked project includes a multi-state team of accomplished media education researchers, exercise physiologists, medical professionals and doctoral students. Contributing members are researchers in their fields and have helped launch the use of exergames as tools to combat obesity in their communities and beyond. New Mexico State University researchers and their partners have been funded to research the impact of exergames, develop specific recommendations for exergame use, and implement exergaming programs. As part of that project, this website provides access to resources based on research, sample projects, and input from the exergaming community. For more information, contact the project director: Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, Professor, New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service
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Why Exergames Unlocked? Exergames are videogames that encourage physical activity. Here, you’ll find the best and most effective exergames, as well as strategies and recommendations on using them with different audiences and in different locations.