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Xavix Recommendations

With the XaviX you can enjoy a fun and active workout by yourself or with friends and family. XaviX Recommendations The XaviX is a gaming system that was released in the US in 2004. It is an interactive system that uses sports equipment shaped controllers for each game (for example, tennis rackets, boxing gloves, etc.). […]

Downloading songs for Just Dance 2

Just Dance 2 has been a huge commercial success for Ubisoft. The game has sold over 2 million copies in just the United States alone and over 5 million copies worldwide. Though playing Just Dance 2 is exciting and fun, dancing to the same songs can get monotonous and tiring. Thankfully, Just Dance 2 has […]

Wii recommendations

This is a list made for those that want to get into exergaming on the Wii Basic Equipment Nintendo’s Wii video game system The Nintendo Wii, released in 2006, combines motion‐sensor technology into game play. The system brings people of all ages and game experience together to play, representing a new era of gaming. The […]

PlayStation 2 basics: Older platform still great option for active gaming

The Playstation 2 or PS2 is an older gaming console that remains a major player in the videogame arena mainly because of its affordability and many types of games. Plus, there are several exergames available for the PlayStation 2 so if you happen to have a PS2 already, look into getting some of these games to […]

La Union Elementary dances it out with Just Dance

Michelle Garza Staff members at La Union Elementary have figured out a way to reach their entire school with only one Nintendo Wii, one screen and one room. The school in southern New Mexico has been using Just Dance as their beginning morning activity each day to give students extra physical activity. Staff members initially got […]

Conlee Elementary’s Morning Dance (Video)

This video demonstrates how this elementary school is increasing their students’ physical activity level each morning using the Nintendo Wii and the school’s existing equipment to broadcast the popular exergame “Just Dance” schoolwide. Aside from giving the entire school added physical activity, this endeavor is reducing student tardies and absences in the process.  

Shaking Things Up: Exergames give P.E. a facelift (Video)

This video demonstrates how this elementary school is finding ways to supplement their traditional physical education program with exergames two days a week and also on bad weather days.  Using a rotation method, the PE teacher has figured out a system that allows large groups of multi-aged students to use the exergames in a limited […]

La Union Elementary: Exergaming during parent teacher conferences (Video)

This video demonstrates how during Parent Teacher conferences at this elementary school, the PE teacher set up exergames in the gym for families waiting to meet with teachers. Parents and kids got first-hand experiences with exergames, some valuable “play time” together, and some extra physical activity. The games also helped ease some of the anxious […]

Mesilla Elementary: Showcasing exergames at an annual health fair (Video)

This video shows how Exergames Unlocked project members showcased exergames during an annual “Health Fair” at a local elementary school. Classes took turns using exergames in the library, giving each student (and teacher) a chance to move and explore exergames.  

Tips on Healthy Gaming (PDF)

An ExergamesUnlocked Tips on Healthy Gaming PDF that you can download, which offers the following tips: replace some passive screen time with active screen time, find ways to play as a family, get active games that encourage or combine your kids’ current interests and don’t use active games as a substitute for physical activity.

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The Exergames Unlocked project includes a multi-state team of accomplished media education researchers, exercise physiologists, medical professionals and doctoral students. Contributing members are researchers in their fields and have helped launch the use of exergames as tools to combat obesity in their communities and beyond. New Mexico State University researchers and their partners have been funded to research the impact of exergames, develop specific recommendations for exergame use, and implement exergaming programs. As part of that project, this website provides access to resources based on research, sample projects, and input from the exergaming community. For more information, contact the project director: Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, Professor, New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service
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Why Exergames Unlocked?

Why Exergames Unlocked? Exergames are videogames that encourage physical activity. Here, you’ll find the best and most effective exergames, as well as strategies and recommendations on using them with different audiences and in different locations.