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Take a chance on ABBA You Can Dance

By: Michelle Garza The creators of the popular Just Dance franchise also released ABBA You Can Dance, which features 26 undying songs. ABBA You Can Dance invites you to unleash your inner dancing queen and hit the dance floor with one of world’s biggest music sensations. For those of you who don’t know, ABBA is […]

Just Dance 3 delivers hours of fun for the whole family

By: Michelle Garza If you are like me, and a total fan of dance games, you were waiting to see if Ubisoft would be able to pull off something amazing with its third installment of the Just Dance series. I can honestly say that the game does not disappoint, Just Dance 3 is a great […]

Get the dance party started with Just Dance Summer Party

By: Michelle Garza You can never have too many Just Dance games. With the release of each new one, brings new songs and new dance moves to master. Just Dance Summer Party has 23 new songs that span a variety of genres and musical tastes so everyone can find a song to move and groove […]

Kinect Sports offers an exciting way to get the whole family up and moving

Move over Wii Sports! There’s a new, all-around, full-body moving, heart-pumping set of games for audiences to enjoy. Try track and field, beach volleyball, soccer, table tennis, bowling, boxing and many more mini games to get you off the couch and having some fun. Kinect Sports is fun for the whole family. With the Kinect, […]

Dance, kickbox and body sculpt your way into shape with Wii’s Exerbeat

By: Michelle Garza With more than 155 exercises covering eight categories of popular exercises genres like aerobics, hip hop, karate, boxercising, yoga, pilates, and latin dance, Exerbeat, is a great option for active gaming. It is a game that truly offers something for everyone, Namco Bandai, the makers of the We Cheer and the Active […]

Salsa anyone? Review of Gold’s Gym Dance Workout for the Nintendo Wii

By: Michelle Garza This week I am trying to dance my way to fitness using the Gold’s Gym Dance Workout for the Nintendo Wii and I am really enjoying playing the game. It is fun, entertaining and really gets my heart rate up. The game, which was developed in collaboration with fitness and dance experts, […]

Everybody dance now: Review of Just Dance 2

By: Michelle Garza I have been playing Just Dance 2 every day since its release on October 12th and I have to say that it has become my favorite game and I have been burning off many, many calories in the process of playing.  This game has been a great addition for my entire family […]

Walk It Out!

Walk It Out! is a low impact rhythm-based fitness game, in which the player walks to the beat of a wide range of songs from various genres. The game actually has over 120 musical tracks that can be unlocked as you play through the game. Walk It Out! has a very easy-to-use control scheme and […]

Just Dance

Just Dance is a rhythm/dancing game designed especially for the Wii. Unlike other dancing titles, there’s nodance pad controller required. Instead, up to four players can dance together at once, each using a Wii Remote to follow the choreographed motions of the silhouetted character on-screen. Just Dance features more than 30 licensed tracks covering a […]

Jackie Chan J-Mat Fitness

The Jackie Chan J-Mat, a game for the Xavix, is a DanceDanceRevolution-inspired device you spread out on the floor in front of your TV. It comes with the game cartridge, the dance pad, and two-pound hand weights for added resistance. The game offers an aerobic workout with Jackie Chan as your personal instructor with three […]

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